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The Defiant Ones ist eine US-amerikanische Dokuserie aus dem Hause HBO, Macs.

The Sinner Darsteller

Jessica Biel spielt in Staffel 1 überzeugend die Hauptrolle der Cora Tannetti, in die Rolle ihres Ehemannes schlüpft "Girls"-Darsteller Christopher. The Sinner Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Jessica Biel, Christopher Abbott, Bill Pullman u.v.m. Dafür steht Matt Bomer als Hauptdarsteller fest. Matt Bomer spielt die neue Hauptrolle in der 3. Staffel "The Sinner". Foto: Getty Images.

Netflix-Hit "The Sinner": Alles über die Thriller-Serie mit Jessica Biel!

Jessica Biel spielt in Staffel 1 überzeugend die Hauptrolle der Cora Tannetti, in die Rolle ihres Ehemannes schlüpft "Girls"-Darsteller Christopher. Mason Tannetti. Gundi Eberhard.

The Sinner Darsteller Alles zur Serie The Sinner Video

Matt Bomer \u0026 Bill Pullman Go Over Season Three Of USA Network's \

Harry promises Jamie he is not alone and holds his hand as Facebook Filter dies. Danielle Vaughn 1 episode, I found myself thinking "get on with Das Pubertier Schauspieler already" quite frequently. Alexandra M. Ashley 0 Fans. KG, Kopernikusstr. Februar ausgestrahlt wurde, ist es die "schockierendste Story bis jetzt".
The Sinner Darsteller
The Sinner Darsteller
The Sinner Darsteller
The Sinner Darsteller Celebrate Black History Month. Antonio Campos. User Ratings. Use the HTML below. Richterin Baird 1 Fan. The first season Psychiatrie Doku The Sinner received two nominations at the 75th Golden Globe Awards : Best Miniseries or Television Film and Best Actress — Miniseries or Television Conspiracy Deutsch for Jessica Biel. Komponist Radium Cheung. Ein elfjähriger Junge hat ohne ersichtliches Motiv seine Eltern ermordet. Bill Pullmanns Ermittler Harry Ambrose wird darin nach Jessica Biel, Carrie Rtl Gemist und Matt Bomer einen weiteren Sünder ins Visier nehmen. August Serienstart in Deutschland: 7. The Sinner TV-MA 2 Seasons TV Mysteries In a small New York town, a haunted detective hunts for answers about perplexing crimes while wrestling with his own demons. Starring: Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman, Carrie Coon. The Sinner is an American anthology crime drama mystery television series developed by Derek Simonds for USA Network. The series is named after Petra Hammesfahr 's novel, which serves as the basis for the first season. "The Sinner" Part II (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Sinner 15 3 Seasons Crime TV Dramas In a small New York town, a haunted detective hunts for answers about perplexing crimes while wrestling with his own demons. Tv Season Info The Sinner's third installment follows Detective Harry Ambrose (Pullman) as he begins a routine investigation of a tragic car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester, in upstate New. The first season of The Sinner received two nominations at the 75th Golden Globe Awards: Best Miniseries or Television Film and Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film for Jessica Biel. Biel was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or on: The Sinner, by Petra Hammesfahr. The Sinner, ou La Pécheresse (au Québec), est une série télévisée américaine créée par Derek Simonds, basée sur le roman éponyme de Petra Hammesfahr [1] et diffusée depuis le 2 août [2] sur USA Network et au Canada à partir du 21 août sur Showcase [3].. En France, la série est diffusée depuis le 21 septembre [4] sur Altice Studio [5] puis sur Netflix à Autres titres francophones: La Pécheresse (Québec). C.J. Wilson. Rolle: William. Cora's Mom Enid Graham. Episoden: 1 - 8. J.D. Jacob Pitts. Episoden: 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8. Fay Ambrose Kathryn Erbe. Episoden: 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6. William .

Er ist nmlich der Chef The Sinner Darsteller Now US. - Fakten zur 1. Staffel von The Sinner

The Fan. Gundi Eberhard. Detective Harry Ambrose. Mason Tannetti. Christopher Abbott.

Dan Leroy 1 Fan. Devin McGee. Wächter 0 Fans. Die 5. Robert Funaro. Ron Tanner 0 Fans. American Gangster. Michael H.

Belewski 1 Fan. Vacation - Wir sind die Griswolds. Eric Todd. Frankie 0 Fans. A Cure for Wellness. Gretchen Koerner. Richterin Baird 1 Fan.

Unhinged - Ausser Kontrolle. Meredith Holzman. Sharon 1 Fan. All of the doctors whose licenses were fraudulently used by J.

Patrick Belmont, Frankie's father. The body found in the woods is confirmed as Phoebe, disposed of by J. Harry takes Cora to the Belmont's house, where she remembers the remaining events.

Unable to kill Cora, Dr. Belmont held her captive for two months in the wallpapered room, giving her drugs to prevent her from remembering and hiding his identity with the mask.

Belmont to support his opioid ring. Cora's sentence is reduced due to extreme emotional disturbance. The judge orders her transfer from prison to a psychiatric facility where her case will be reviewed every two years until she is deemed fit to be released when she will not be of harm to herself or others.

After almost 15 years, Detective Harry Ambrose returns to his hometown of Keller, Upstate New York , to help investigate a double murder with Heather Novack, an old acquaintance's daughter who has just made detective.

A couple was found dead, apparently poisoned, in a motel room. The man is identified as Adam Lowry, but the woman has no ID.

Their year-old son, Julian, tells the police they were on their way to Niagara Falls when their car broke down. After Harry notices Julian has a rash, he admits he used jimson weed to poison his parents' tea — but won't say why.

Harry asks the DA's office for more time before arresting Julian. No identification can be found for Julian's mother, and Harry realizes that, among all the luggage, there is not a single item related to Julian.

At his foster home, Julian has flashbacks of a woman, apparently his therapist. The same woman later appears in the police station claiming to be Julian's birth mother.

Vera Walker, who claims to be Julian's mother, says that Adam and Bess the second victim lived with her and helped watch Julian and were taking him to Niagara Falls.

Heather is shocked to hear that Vera lives at Mosswood Grove, a notorious "utopian" commune near Keller. Flashbacks reveal that Heather and her girlfriend, Marin, snuck onto Mosswood out of curiosity.

In the present, Vera visits Julian and whispers intensely in his ear; he changes his story and claims no memory of making the poisoned tea.

Vera shows Julian's birth certificate in court, but, with no record of residency, is denied guardianship. After Harry reveals to Julian that he was also in a foster home, Julian shares his nightmares of a hooded figure visiting him.

Police search Mosswood, where they learn that Julian was the only child there. Harry deduces that Adam and Bess were actually fleeing from the commune and getting Julian out.

Heather spots a ponytailed man she also saw at the motel following the murders. Plagued by memories of Marin going into a large outbuilding on the property, Heather now sneaks into the building and finds a large stone column.

John David Coles. Julian is arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center , awaiting to be tried as an adult for second-degree murder. After Harry tells Vera that Julian will undergo a psychological evaluation , she tells Harry that Adam and Bess abducted Julian and that Julian "defended himself.

She deduces that Marin was Julian's biological mother. Heather and Harry talk to Dr. Poole, an obstetrician who handled Mosswood births, but Poole steps out of the room and kills himself; a miniature stone column is found in his attic.

A journal from Poole's attic bears an emblem, and a passage mentions entering the " labyrinth. She mentions "The Beacon," the founder of Mosswood.

Heather's father Jack draws a tattoo that he recalls seeing on Marin's wrist. The tattoo matches the emblem the labyrinth , which leads Heather to discover "The Beacon" is disgraced psychotherapist Lionel Jeffries and that Marin was present during his group Mosswood meeting.

Vera plays Harry a recording of Bess's therapy. He requests a session, and she leads him into the woods but abandons him. He finds her in a cabin that Jeffries once used as an office.

Harry's "session" results in him blacking out and waking in the same motel room where the murders occurred. After learning that he willingly checked himself into the motel, Harry is vague in answering Heather's questions about his visit with Vera.

He later breaks into Mosswoodian Glen Fisher's house to find a photo connecting his family to the stone column. At Julian's arraignment , his lawyer enters a not-guilty plea.

Julian gets into a fight in jail and is put in isolation , where he tells Harry that his nightmare visitor, two weeks prior, was actually real.

Vera later asks Harry to be a material witness for Julian; as a reward, she confirms that she is not Julian's mother.

Chief Liddell removes Harry from the seemingly closed case, and Jack later shuns Harry for suspecting a town-wide cover-up. Marin cuts ties with Heather in a flashback, becomes a Mosswood member, and reveals she is pregnant to Vera.

Vera tells her that babies cannot be a part of the commune, but Jeffries allows it, just this once. Harry learns that he is being followed and manages to find the malpractice suit's missing video.

He sends a copy to Heather and shows it to Vera, causing her to recall and relate previous Mosswood events. Julian's birth is shown, but he rejects being breastfed by Marin as Vera has also been doing it.

Vera realizes the "work" done in the Mosswood sessions are forms of abuse. Jeffries takes Julian from her and retreats to his cabin.

In the present, Heather has a dive team to search a lake mentioned in the video; a woman's corpse is found there.

Harry forces the DA, who was bribed to bury the malpractice suit, to change Julian's murder charge to manslaughter. Julian is returned to the orphanage, and despite Harry's reassurance that the hooded figure is a manifestation of guilt, Julian is later seemingly abducted by it.

Keller Police raid Mosswood to search for Julian. Concerned for his safety, Vera is confrontational and gets arrested. Harry surmises the cloaked figure has Julian and learns a brown van was parked near the orphanage that night.

The cloaked figure and van owner is shown to be Marin, who has been living at a convent for the past three years. She had asked Adam and Bess to bring Julian to her at Niagara Falls, but they were murdered.

After convincing Julian that she is his mother and armed with a gun, Marin intends to drive him into Canada to meet someone.

Harry deduces her crossing point, but he and Heather find her shot dead, and Julian is still missing. Julian is shown in Vera's care in New York City.

She tells him of her plan for them to live in Washington State. In Keller, Harry learns of documents of a regular sizeable monthly payment via a shell corporation to Vera at Mosswood over 10 years.

Heather finds a motel room key in Jack's laundry at home, the same motel where Marin was shot. Both detectives question Jack, but he refuses to answer with Heather present.

He confesses to accidentally shooting Marin with her own gun after she called asking for money and he saw that she was unstable.

He also admits to being Julian's father after he raped Marin following her drunken argument with Heather. Julian calls Harry to inform him of Vera's plan; Harry tells him that it is solely his choice to go or stay.

Harry traces the call, as Julian tearfully refuses to go with Vera. They are returned to Keller, and Julian's trial resumes.

Harry vouches for him, and he is placed in a rehabilitation home for four years. Vera is not charged, and she torches the Mosswood therapy recordings and the barn that houses the stone column.

Vera returns Harry's therapy recording to him, wherein Harry admits resentment regarding Vera's close relationship with Julian as he didn't have one with his own mother.

Harry and Heather finally take Julian to Niagara Falls, as Vera touches the stone column in the building's ashes.

Adam Bernstein. Harry Ambrose is called to the scene of a car accident in which the driver was killed. The driver was Nick Haas, a former college friend of Jamie Burns, a passenger in the car who survived and reported the accident.

Nick had unexpectedly visited Jamie and his pregnant wife, Leela, causing discomfort to Jamie. Harry questions Sonya Barzel, who is the only resident on the rural road where the accident occurred.

She claims to not know either man, but a flashback reveals Nick was headed to her house and Jamie intentionally caused the accident to prevent it.

Nick initially survived, but Jamie delayed calling , hoping their secrets would soon die with Nick. As Harry and Detective Vic Soto focus on a hand injury that Nick had sustained before the accident, Harry doubts Jamie's statement that Nick's arrival the night of the accident was their first meeting since college.

Jamie remembers having dinner with Nick in Manhattan two weeks ago, and Harry and Vic find video confirming the meeting and of Nick negatively influencing Jamie.

The injury occurred when Nick held a knife with Jamie's hand and stabbed himself. Sonya finds a freshly dug grave on her property and a jacket over the shovel.

Harry believes the hole was dug by Jamie, who maintains his clean-cut persona despite having a panic attack and visions of Nick.

Andrew McCarthy. A professor states that Jamie and Nick studied Friedrich Nietzsche , in particular his Übermensch concept. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler.

Jessica Biel. Bill Pullman. Christopher Abbott. Dohn Norwood. Abby Miller. Adam LeFevre. Carrie Coon. Natalie Paul.

Eddie Martinez. Hannah Gross. Elisha Henig. Matt Bomer. Tracy Letts. Jessica Hecht. Parisa Fitz-Henley. Cora's Mom Enid Graham Episoden : 1 - 8.

Fay Ambrose Kathryn Erbe Episoden : 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6. William C. Adult Phoebe Nadia Alexander Episoden : 6 - 7. Detective Farmer Joanna Adler Episoden : 5 - 6 - 8.

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